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The Twistys Story

Welcome to the Twistys blog page. My name is Jassie and I’m the webmistress over at Twistys.com. If this is your first visiting Twistys then I’d like to give you a brief introduction of myself and Twistys.

Twistys opened on October 10, 2001. I own and run Twistys along with my 2 business partners. The story of how we got to starting Twistys is an interesting one. We went out one night to a dance club and a male friend (we met him while we were in school) brought his new "girlfriend" along. She was a nude model - a pretty girl and we felt a little intimidated when we met her. As the night went on, we found out she was she was getting pissed with the industry she worked in. Apparently, she had been on a photoshoot and the photographer kept trying to touch her and sleep with her. She felt violated and let us know that it wasn’t the first time it happened! That night, I went home and did some research on adult sites. I was shocked to see how many of these sites were absolute garbage! It was obvious to me that the owners of the sites didn’t care about the surfers, members or models. They only cared about themselves. Being a little ‘entrepreneurial’ I saw potential in the industry - I felt strongly that if an ‘adult’ company would build itself on attributes such as honesty, integrity and diginty a quality product could be built. Specifically, if a site would treat surfers, members, and models the way they’d like to be treated then everybody would be happy. (Ok I may be a little idealistic, but hey- it was worth a shot!) So this is how Twistys was born. My/our goal from the beginning was to think about the product, be considerate of models and surfers and also to listen. So we answered every single email from our members and built the type of site people were asking for. We lso felt it was very important to create an environment where our models were treated like the respectable beautiful women that they are! We figured that if the models are happy it will show. That will ensure our members will enjoy the pictures that much more..

So here we are. We have worked every single day since we opened. We have had countless all nighters working on Twistys. We started the site (just me and my 2 partners) and now we have 20+ employees working full time on Twistys. When we first opened in 2001, Twistys had only 15,000 images and 50 models. Today, Twistys has more than 600,000 pictures, 1,500 models and 15,000 videos clips. The hard work is paying off and we are only getting started! Over the past year we’ve continued to expand and have signed some of the top photographers from around the world to make sure we bring you the Hottest Women from every corner of the globe.

There you have it, my friend. The short version of how we started Twistys. As you can probably tell Twistys is my baby. I’m extremely proud of it. I’ve never been more proud of anything in my life. I’ve set up this Daily Twistys Blog as a way to show you what is happening inside the Twistys Members Area. This preview shows less than 1% of what we have inside Twistys. Thanks for visiting and reading this.

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